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Volume 1, Issue 2 (2021) –

Cover Picture: This study is aim to facilitate decision-makers selecting group of components for isolated microgrid which should not only be economically attractive and efficient but also acceptable from various aspects. A comprehensive comparison has been presented using (Hybrid Optimization Model for Electric Renewable) HOMER Pro software and fuzzy analytic hierarchy process-based multi-criteria decision-making (fuzzy-AHP-MCDM) technique for planning of isolated microgrid systems which is formed by using a group of sources, like photo-voltaic (PV) generator, wind-turbine, micro-hydro, bio-gas based generation, and battery storage system. Thus, this analysis provided the framework to check feasibility for other such remote places or villages where electricity is unavailable or laying transmission lines is expensive but rich in renewable energy source potential. Furthermore, a similar analysis could be extended with due modification for grid-connected microgrid planning.
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